Vinyl Lettering

Stick on letters. Pre-spaced vinyl lettering.

Price per letter.

25mm high  costs 25 pence each.

30mm high = 30p.     40mm = 40p.     50mm =50p.      60mm=60p.     70mm=70p.      80mm=80p.      90mm=90p.    100mm=£1.    125mm=£1.25.    150mm=£1.50.     200mm=£2.     225mm=£2.25.      250mm=£2.50.    300mm=£3.00.   350mm= £3.50.    400mm=£4.00   450mm=£4.50.  500mm=£5.00.   550mm=£5.50.

We can cut any in between size such as 123mm and it would cost £1.23.

Any font on your computer. either send us the font if we don’t have it on our systems or send the artwork as an eps file with all text converted to curves. Jpegs of no use for cutting vinyl.

We have a choice of the basic normal colours.

This how to place an order.

Work out what letters you want and the price, base it on the actual measured capital height of the letters. For script fonts work it out on the cost based on the height from the very top of the text to the very bottom of the stroke of the letters. Note the call up height on your computer rarely represents it’s real measured height.

Follow the link and send us the payment. Add £4 for postage to cover delivery costs.   Pay Your Bill.    All prices are plus vat. After this send us an email 

telling us what wording you want, we need to know what font you want and the colour, also the size. You could always send the lettering you want as an eps vector file. Inkscape is a good program and free for setting up your lettering.